Vienna Top Recommendations From A Local

  Ever wondered how the world’s most livable city looks like? Come visit the City of Vienna and find out for yourself! I was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful country of Austria, which is located literally in the heart of Europe. I grew up in a small town but moved to the capital city, Vienna, a few years ago. I … Continue reading Vienna Top Recommendations From A Local

Florence Top Recommendations From A Local

Isn’t Florence one of the most beautiful destinations in the world? Oh, yes! It is! It was also my home for 3 years and a half, so I have many fond memories of Florence. That’s where I fell in love with lampredotto and coffee, where we had our first home, car and dog. Even if I have moved to Rome eleven months ago, I miss … Continue reading Florence Top Recommendations From A Local

How to VISIT ITALY on a budget

Admit it! You’ve always wanted to come visit Italy! It is an expensive destination, but it’s never been easier to find cheap flights, accommodation, transportation, restaurants and general tips that can help you stay on a budget. Let’s take them one by one and see how could you reduce your costs and come experience the Italian dolce vita dream holiday! Flights – this is my … Continue reading How to VISIT ITALY on a budget

Top Recommendations for ROME

Food? Gelato? Coffee? As a food lover, I (very) often get asked what is my favourite gelateria or restaurant in Rome, the best place for a coffee break or cocktail. I decided to write this article not because I am tired of writing the same list over and over again, but because I genuinely believe that these places are that good that they deserve free advertising … Continue reading Top Recommendations for ROME