I am back. Or at least I hope so.

I assume that motherhood and life in general in the past almost 3 years since my last post have kind of sucked me in like a tornado. Not much has changed I think but at the same time, so many things have changed.

Let’s start from the most important ones.

We are all healthy and well. Maybe tired sometimes, but we are all okay.

I became very into sustainability and trying to push ourselves a lot as a family to do the right choices when it comes to.. well, everything that comes into our bodies and into our home.

We moved from Rome to Paris last year (2019) at the end of October. Everyone asks us about how it is all the time so I will write about it these days.

Even if we live in Paris,because the whole covid19 lockdown & co. and my husband being able to work remotely, after the lockdown has been lifted in both France and Italy, we drove to Italy to my husband’s family to spend the summer in the romagnola countryside. We also traveled around Italy a bit in these months so I will write about that too.

Last but not least, Eli is starting kindergarden on the 1st of September and I am trying to not freak out. More on that soon too.

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