It’s 00:05. The 21st of November. This time 2 months ago I was in horrible pain. I was tired. I look at you now. You are 30 cm away from me and yet you are as if you are inside of me. Love is such a strange feeling. I hear your breathing and the way you squeak or snore sometimes.

I think of you while I look at you sleeping and my eyes become watery. Never have I ever thought I could love someone this way. I have never cried because of you before. I have never realized until now how much I love you.

You are me.

You are my extension.

You are you!

And you are the most wonderful son I could have ever hoped to have. I know that ‘wonderful’ does not have a comparison degree but YOU are the Most Wonderful son I could have ever hoped for.

It is 00:15 now. You are 2 hours and 55 minutes away from being 2 months old.

I love you.

Always will.

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