Vienna Top Recommendations From A Local


Ever wondered how the world’s most livable city looks like?

Come visit the City of Vienna and find out for yourself!

I was lucky enough to be born and raised in the beautiful country of Austria, which is located literally in the heart of Europe. I grew up in a small town but moved to the capital city, Vienna, a few years ago. I have immediately fallen in love with the so-called “City of Dreams” which has been named the most livable city in the world 8 years in a row! Vienna has so much to offer and I am super excited to share some of my favorite places to eat and things to do in my beautiful hometown with you all!


The Austrian cuisine is best known for its hearty and flavorsome food. Maybe you have already heard of one of our national dishes like Tafelspitz, Goulash, Schweinsbraten or – the most popular one – Wiener Schnitzel, which is cutlets of veal, pounded thin, dusted with egg and breadcrumbs, and then fried. If you want to dine like a local and try real, authentic Austrian food you should definitely head to Figlmüller for a typical “Wiener Schnitzel” located in Vienna’s 1st district. Although the restaurant is a bit on the pricier side, it will definitely give you the best taste of Austria!



I tried very hard to pick my favourite, but I just could not. We are very proud of our so-called “coffeehouse culture” and we love to meet up and just have a coffee and cake with friends on the afternoon. So if you want the full experience you absolutely have to visit one of Vienna’s many traditional coffee houses like Café Central, Café Landtmann or Café Demel. I have to admit that they are kind of pricey but definitely worth a visit! In these cafés you’ll be able to try famous and original Austrian cakes like nowhere else. Of course accompanied a Melange, the typical Viennese coffee, which comes mixed with hot foamed milk and a glass of water.



Vienna has MANY gorgeous places you should visit, BUT a place you will absolutely have to go to while you are there is the Schönbrunn Palace, Gardens and Zoo, located in Vienna’s 13th district. The palace was built in 1752 and was the home of many Habsburg Emperors and Empresses like Eleonora Gonzaga, Maria Theresa, Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth (aka Sisi). Today the whole palace is a museum which shows the staterooms and private apartments of the palace and will give you a picture of the different stylistic eras of the imperial monarchy and the lives of the palace’s inhabitants. The gardens of the palace are just beautiful (especially in spring and fall in my opinion) and you should definitely take some time to just stroll around and sit
down to enjoy the beautiful view. Also part of the Schönbrunn grounds is the Schönbrunn Zoo, the world’s oldest zoo which was built in 1752 to serve as an imperial menagerie.

Schönbrunn Palace IS BEAUTIFUL
Schönbrunn Palace



Another great thing to do in Vienna is visiting the “Wiener Prater“, a large public amusement park located in Vienna’s 2nd district. The Prater is also home to the famous Viennese Ferris wheel. Admission to the park is absolutely free – you only have to pay for the rides. I personally love just strolling through the park without doing any of the rides so you won’t actually need any money there. Though I do recommend taking a ride on the Ferris wheel, you’ll have a great view of the city! Oh, and also the park is a great and famous party place at night.



Vienna is located literally in the heart of Europe, so it’s super easy to reach for
all Europe travelers. It is full of history and historic buildings but also has its finger on the pulse of the time. It has so much to offer from museums to parks and delicious food which makes it a great travel destination for everyone. I hope I’ll be able to welcome and show you around in my hometown Vienna soon!


About the author

My name is Lisa, I’m 20 years old and – as you already know – I live in Vienna, Austria. I’ve always loved traveling but it wasn’t until I did a high school exchange to the USA that I really got bitten by the travel bug. Since then I try to travel as much and as often as I can while also being a full-time college student. You can follow my adventure on my blog and on Instagram.


This is the second post of the series ‘Recommendations from a local’ in which I invite a local to give 5 tips about their city. 

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