Mercato Centrale – Rome

Who doesn’t like lovely places with good food?

I have been living in Rome for 7 months and a half now. I cannot believe how fast time went by. Since I have been here though, a pretty nice place opened up just behind our house. Similar to the one in Florence, the concept behind the Mercato Centrale is to bring Italian street food stalls in one place only, accessible from early morning till midnight also for great places and good quality in comparison to most of the very touristy restaurants of the area.

Mercato Centrale

The beauty of it is that you can find everything there from pretty good gelato to fresh oysters and made on the spot delicious pizza and a glass of cold white wine or a Spritz to go with your food or to enjoy with your friends. You just need a table and a will of decision quite strong because the choices are countless.

What I think would be the greatest menu for a dinner is starting off with a Trapizzino and some wine. I recommend the one with Pollo Alla Cacciatora. And after some chit chat with your friends or partner, when you’re ready to take a decision for your first, and maybe also second, go for some pasta, pizza or a steak. And why not for some sushi or some truffles delicacy. To end the dinner in a sweet note, make sure you check out the gelato stall.

The strategic position of the Mercato Centrale makes it super easy to reach from all the corners of Rome. It’s in the same building of the Termini train station so you can reach it by bus, metro, tram or by foot. Oh, and whether you are going and coming from one of Rome’s airports, Ciampino or Fiumicino, you can always stop for a cappuccino at the bar of the Mercato. They make it good and lovely! I go there every time after I pick up my parents or my husband’s.


Have you ever been to the Mercato Centrale? If not, make sure you check it out if you cannot decide what to have for lunch or dinner and you want more than just one choice or if you are on your way to the airport or taking a train.

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