Throwback to Essex

You know how at the end of each summer you were excited because school was starting and you got to go back to spending all of your time with your friends? At the same time, you were sad because the holiday was coming to an end and you had to kiss goodbye the heat, the sun and doing nothing all day long? Well I’ve been feeling like this for a few months now.

Things kind of changed for me when I moved to the United Kingdom for my BA in October 2011. When I look back, it seems like such a long time ago, yet it feels like it was only a month ago. Perhaps it is like normal growing older up feeling. I have no idea. What I know is that ever since 2011, I feel so strange at the beginning of October, but also at the beginning of a new year. It was such a life changing moment and somehow I keep having the impression that I will go back there, not only for visiting, but for more. For living there. I do not know why or how; I just have this feeling sometimes.

I was scrolling through some photos from the first month there and I became nostalgic. It is not that everything was pink those three years, but overall, it was not bad at all. I learnt, grew, experienced a lot and met so, so many people. Some are still in my life, some are not anymore. In any case, I just wanted to cheer for Essex! So chin-chin! Here’s to you, Essex! And to all the people that I have met thanks to you!


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