Hometown Visit

I left Romania when I was 19. Even now, five years after, I perfectly remember that day. It was very early in the morning. My aunt picked me and my family up and took us to the airport. I had three huge bags to be checked-in and two small ones as hand luggage. My dad came with me to England to make sure everything is alright and check out my university. Ever since then I probably went home two, three or four times per year back home. Sometimes for longer, sometimes for only two days.

Things change, times passes, people grow up or get older. Life does not stop and neither does the city. Bucharest, my family and friends changed too. Time and life make no exception. I am glad though that from a point of view, every time I go back I see improvements. I see people living well and a city in a continuous development. Every time I go back, there is something new, something gone or something getting repaired. And some things just stay the same, but that’s okay.

At the same time, and I blame this on time being so little, I was always feeling so stressed and agitated when I was back in Bucharest. So many people to meet and catch up with, so many new places to see, so many things to do and so little time.

For the first time in ages, I loved being back to Bucharest. I loved being back with my entire family. I loved spending time there. It is like the rush that I was always feeling every time I went back was not there this time. I feel like for the first in ages, I did not have to be in a hurry, everything was in place. I had time to do everything and see everyone. Of course, it is not true and that I did not see everyone. I wish I could have seen my baby nephew. I wish I could see him growing up every day. I wish I could see my parents and grandparents every day because every second they are growing older and have a little less time to spend together. I am happy though that this weekend was so close to perfect. And I also got to do the Christmas tree with my family.

I guess that if there is one sure thing that I learnt in these past years is that I do not feel like I have roots in a certain place. It might be a good or a bad thing. I have yet to discover it. Sometimes I long for a place where I know that I can always return and everything and everyone there will be the same, somehow waiting for me. But most times I think of places I have never been too, I feel driven by the unknown and the excitement of new adventures. Oh, and another thing that I learnt is that distance is nothing. 2000 km are just a 3 hours flight away.

So buy that ticket and go spend two days with your dear ones!

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