Forgetting and Living

I get caught up in some things and forget to do others. I get lost, and then I find myself again. It happens pretty much every single day and I always say that tomorrow I won’t do it again, that I will have time to get everything done.

I remember when I used to live in Florence and everytime someone was telling me that they were too tired to come after work to my events I was always saying: ‘Come on! Just put your tiredness away and come out with us!’. Well now I feel you. Since I started working in Rome I can wholeheartedly say: ‘Now I understand you and I am sorry!’. I did not think that leaving home at 9AM and getting back 11 or 12 hours later is going to take away all my energy and will leave me more than half asleep on my sofa in front of Netflix pretty much every single evening. Oh, and most of my weekends are a sort of loop of Netflix, my cosy sofa and being sick (my immunity levels have been super low this autumn and I must have caught colds at last five times until now). Not to mention that I have watched so so so many TV series this year and that I cannot even remember all of them.

I’m having some second thoughts now though: could this be just a relapse period after having moved too much too often in the past years? Or maybe it is just a wrong impression. I have been places and done things lately. I went to Milan, Genoa and Bologna (three times actually), to Bucharest for a weekend, I finished furnishing our new house, I made new friends, I started a new job, I have considerably improved my Italian and last, but not least, I tried on so much good (unfortunately also bad) food.

It is mid-December now and I am trying to work on this and boost my energy levels. I try to go out as much as possible and be as social as possible. I still cannot believe that from the girl that used to organise and go out at least two or three times per week I barely go out once per month. This is not me and I will not let tiredness and work transform me into something I am not. I am sure as hell I won’t give up. I want my energy and sociability back!

See you on the dancefloor. Or maybe not really there, but out. Out there somewhere where I won’t forget how to live.


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