Shout Out to My Friend’s Business Monday 2

It could be the fact that I am tired or maybe because I have been meeting so many people in the past year and a half, but it took me a while to remember where and when did I meet my friend, Clara. I know we were at this terrace bar in Oltrarno in Florence and it was pretty late at night. Of course I loved her pink hair from the first second. I have been in love with colorful hair for a while at that time and if I am not mistaken, my hair was purple or perhaps pink at that time too.

The thing is that although I did not get to meet Clara that many times in real life, I always had this feeling like I have been knowing her for a suuuuuper long time. It could be because she really reminds me of Christina from Grey’s Anatomy (never told you this, Clara, hope you don’t mind). And I really love Christina. And Grey’s Anatomy (like more than a lot)!! I remember how she told me about the rallies, about Bush, about Washington and her passion for what she does that evening when I met her.

What you might not know about Clara is that she moved to Florence all the way from Washington because she wanted to study jewelery making. And boy, she does some uber cool stuff and even had an exhibition in our beloved Florence!


Writing this I just remembered how once at an event I organised she showed me some stuff she had just got from the caster and they were sooooo beautiful! I think that was the first time I saw something alike and she was explaining me what the next steps will be, but I could not concentrate on anything she was telling me because I was too drawn by the raw shapes that were about to become precious jewelery! Another thing I absolutely LOVE about her is that she could probably use any material, like potato chips bags, to create something gorgeous out of it.

I decided to do this Shout Out to My Friend’s Business Monday because she is doing a crowdfunding campaign so that her pieces are produced by the Fab Atelier in Austria. If you want to support her campaign this is your CHANCE! Today started the last week of it and you can find more details here. If you like her creations and want to buy them or at least see more of them, you can contact or check out what Clara does on her Instagram.



If you have a business or offer a service and you want to be featured in the next Shout Out to My Friend’s Business Monday, write me at or on Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram.

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