Aaaand here we are. It’s mid-October already! It seriously feels like this year has passed in like 2 seconds. Some days I felt like time was on fast forward and some others like they were neverending. And yet, it’s the 13th of October today. I started my placement a month and a week ago already. WHERE DID TIME GO?

Talking about time though, I was thinking about something earlier: is it only me or everyone has such a difficult time waking up in the morning? Whether I go to sleep at 2 AM or at 11 PM, getting up in the morning is always difficult. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Most days it is actually very difficult.

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Morning got her like

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What I mean is that most mornings get me just like they get Pandora. I know that somewhere in the world though there are people that love mornings, love getting up and feel all fresh and happy amazing. I do not think there was ever a time in my life when I felt that way waking up (early aka at 8AM) in the morning.

I would like to find out what are your tips and tricks for waking up in shape and all smiley. I love my work and having somewhere to go to everyday actually, but I seriously dread the moment my alarm rings. I love my new Ikea bed, pillows, blankets and most of all, SLEEPING! To understand the extent to which I love sleeping I will just add this: the interior garden of my building is being renovated and they are currently working exactly where the balcony of my bedroom is. The workers start drilling at 7 AM and I can still manage to sleep. Now that (hopefully) you understand a bit better ‘the problem’, tell me what you do in the morning to feel good and really wake up. I already tried coffee, tea, exercising (I can still go to sleep after each one of them).

So tell me:




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