Shout Out to My Friend’s Business Monday

Good morning, Monday!

I have been thinking this weekend that I have so many friends that do things, whether it is illustrations, clothes, bags, business consultancy, many of them do something! As I have my own business too and I know it can be pretty hard sometimes to get clients, I decided to start this thing called ‘Shout out to my friend’s business Monday‘!

Therefore, if you have a business or offer a service, I would be happy to try it out and write about it! I know that this blog is still in its early phase, but you never know who might need the service you provide or the product you make! Plus I want to support you and your businesses!


Since it’s the first time I do this, today’s article is a Shout Out to My Friends’ Businesses Monday actually since I want to include not one, but two. The first one is more than a friend actually. She is family. Uka is my brother’s girlfriend and I have known her for many years now. She is a 3rd year Interior Arhitecture student in Bucharest, Romania and is a suuuuper creative young lady. She always finds ways of recycling and putting together stuff to create new things. Since we live in different countries, I do not really get to see everything she does everyday, however after I saw the last illustration/collage she did, I made her do herself an e-shop to sell online the things she makes. Just look at this Life of Frida collage. Don’t you just want to put it into a gorgeous frame and put it up on the wall? I do! And I am printing it tonight and buying that lovely frame too! You will soon see on my Instagram photos of it framed and up on the wall.




The second Shout Out to my Friend’s Business Monday is Deborah Segun. I have met Deborah through the Foreigners in Florence community I founded when I lived in Florence. A month or so ago, Deb posted in the Facebook group of the community that she was having some sales on her illustrations and paintings shop. Since I anyways just moved into a new house and I am on the search for new decorations, I decided to check out her creations. I chose two of them and after finally finding someone to bring them to me from Florence to Rome (thanks Chiara!), they are now beautifully hanging on my wall in my livingroom (the photo doesn’t do them justice though!). Deb, thanks for sending me a third one as a gift!


Deb's illustrations
Deb’s illustrations


If you have a business or offer a service and you want to be featured in the next Shout Out to My Friend’s Business Monday, write me at or on Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram.








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